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Affiliated By - NCVT (State Govt & DGET New Delhi)


Employability Skill Test – 4

निमी मॉक टेस्ट सर्व CITS, CTS, ATS Trades Computer Base Test (CBT) परीक्षा मॉक टेस्ट येथे. ITI मॉक टेस्ट सर्व ITI ट्रेड्स NIMI प्रश्न ऑनलाइन मॉक टेस्ट हिंदी आणि इंग्रजीमध्ये. निमी ऑनलाइन चाचणी भारत कौशल्य प्रश्न मॉक चाचणी, ITI mcqs. Ncvt ऑनलाइन मॉक टेस्ट NIMI प्रश्न बँक आधारित ऑनलाइन CBT परीक्षा चाचणी येथे आहे.

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Employability Skill Test – 4

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What are important aspects of your voice?

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Change the sentence to past tense.
He is writing.

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Where have you been all these ____________?

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You are on a call and are not able to hear well. How will you
ask the person to be louder?

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Choose the odd word.

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Vimla was leaning against the wall during the group discussion.
Which aspect of discussion did she miss?

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When giving negative information over phone call, how should
you speak?

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What will be the right statement for…?
There is fire in the factory.

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“Razia enjoys playing in the rain.”
The naming word in this sentance is __________

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Fill in the blank with the right word.
The company _________ goods to Vietnam.

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How many phases are there in a telephone call?

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Rearrange the following words to from a sentence.
oldman/ reading/ was/ the/ newspaper

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Name the main skill that helps to learn other other language
skills like reading, writing.

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Rahul enjoys ____________ with his pet dog.

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What does listening involve?

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Today’s weather is going to be _________________.

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Maintaining tools in good condition is _____________

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Listen to the teacher making the following announcement-A team of painters are coming tomorrow to paint the walls.
There are plastic sheets in my room on the desk. I want you to
put them over your desks.
Now, answer the question. What does the teacher want her
trainees to do?

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Which expression will you use to introduce yourself?

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Frame a question for this response.
I missed the bus.

21 / 25

When talking to a caller after putting them on hold, what should
you say?

22 / 25

Identify the kind of sentence.
Leave the room immediately.

23 / 25

How will you disagree politely?

24 / 25

You are having a conversation with your colleague and then
your phone rings. What would you say?

25 / 25

Pick the sentence with correct punctuation.

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